Some meanings of colours

Each colour has its meaning. Let’s explore few ones :

Red is the color of determination, passion and action.
Orange is the color of optimism and communication.
Yellow is the color of optimism, impatience and intellect.
Green is the color of growth and balance.
Bleu is the color of loyalty and peace.
Purple is the color of creativity.
Pink is unconditional love, romanticism and tenderness.
Brown is comfort and security.
Gold is the color of glory and success.
White is color of perfection and purity.
Black represents mystery and secrets.

How to choose your handbag

A common recommendation for everyone : better to buy several bags at affordable prices than only one handbag at 600USD or more. There are qualitative bags at reasonable prices. In this way, you will be able to have more choices to change your handbag during the week according to your mood and clothes.
An important criteria that you need to consider when choosing your handbag is your body. When you’re looking for a new handbag, always go to the dressing room and try it. Check  in the mirror that it fits you from all the angles.
If you have a small size, don’t opt for large bags, avoid the bags having long strap as they will make you look even shorter. If you have a tall size, go for wider bags than tall. For a large size, opt for large handbags. They fit better with your body.

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